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Win2k Server Exam 1

Win2k Server Exam 2

Win2k Server Exam 3

Win2k Server Exam 4

Win2k Server Exam 5

Win2k Server Exam 6

Win2k Server Exam 7

Win2k Server Exam 8

Win2k Server Exam 9

Win2k Server Exam 10

Win2k Server Exam 11 : Good


Tutorial 1:
Overview of Windows 2000 (FOR DOWNLOAD)

Tutorial 2:
Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Tutorial 3:
Unattended Installations of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Tutorial 4:
Microsoft Windows 2000 File Systems

Tutorial 5:
Advanced File Systems

Tutorial 6:
Active Directory Services





Welcome to my Windows 2000 Server webpage.

This is the second in a series of four that consist the core exams of MCSE. I have put up all the Exams I have on disk, but if any come my way I will gladly put them up. I will also be putting up tutorials as we go. My other webpages also on MCSE Core:

Windows 2000 Professional

Network Infrastructure

Implementing Active Directory

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Nothing much except, I have obtained some material on SQL Server administration and it looks like greek! Oh boy this is going to be a lengthy and tough course. I will start SQL when I finish 70-219 so wish me luck. Also, is there anyone with 70-218 stuff? Please help, I want to atleast be an MCSA before I become MCSE.

You can mail me: mcseguru2002@yahoo.com

Cheers, guys